Living the Dream or From Seattle with Love

I have been thinking for a while now what to say in my first post about Seattle.  I mean, of course, I have to write how pretty it is, or clean, or modern. But I guess those are just the obvious criteria for each and every city described by its much-dedicated fans. I bet the people of Chicago could easily fight for their city to be the prettiest, or the people of Austin would argue that there is no more modern city than theirs.

It is all about the feeling; that feeling when you leave your apartment and step out on a street. How do you feel about the city? How do you feel when it’s hot and humid outside and your t-shirt sticks to your back and flip-flops start rubbing a sore and a thought about wearing pumps later on gives you the creeps? How do you feel when it started to drizzle just when you planned to show off the new beet-red high-heel sandals and wear the mascara a first time in weeks? Furious? Angry? Disappointed?

That’s the thing. I am still able to smile. Why not?! Seattle is gorgeous! It is busy and loud, it is fancy and stylish, it is huge and green. It has everything you can think of: the amazing summer weather of San Francisco with its tourists, hills and views. It has lakes and verdures (and seafood!) of Alaska. It has the hustle and bustle and extravaganza of New York. On the wettest days of the year, it is emerald green and on the hottest days, it blooms like an enormous and unrestrained wild garden.


When I just moved here, I used to be afraid that the rain or the downtown life was going to be too much. My first year has passed and I am in love with the city just as much. I love it being different, having its own mood and character. I love to look outside my window and wonder: am I a shorts-kind of girl today or a hoodie-one?

It offers hundreds things to do, it holds thousands of places to visit. So you, guys, stay connected and I promise to show you the reasons Seattle holds such a special place in my heart. Don’t forget to visit my Instagram page for more pictures!

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