Appreciation Or Thinking Deeper

Oh boy! Time does fly by fast. Hard to believe it’s been almost … two weeks since the Memorial Day weekend! I hope you all guys had a great three-day break! I had an amazing one! In fact, the long weekend made me think about something very important, something that I do not think about enough. Appreciation.

So on Friday night my husband and I were finally able to go out in a very long time. A few previous weeks had been busy and stressful, so we were really looking forward to having some fun, couple of drinks and a good time. First, we enjoyed a great dinner and the view at the Palisade restaurant. My tired and stressed-out brain was resisting relaxation, trying to escape a pure pleasure of the weekend by incessantly looking for the solutions I have been considering lately. By the time we finished our dinner, I was almost, ALMOST able to think about something else but a routine.

IMG_1495 copy

The next step in our plan was a musical performance by the amazing Arturo Sandoval at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. We arrived at the spot before the very beginning and ordered a couple of drinks. Our table was on the second floor, so we had a pretty good look at the tables downstairs. The hall was half full. Some tables were occupied by couples, the others – by groups. Nevertheless, there was a table that attracted my attention the most. A single guy in the late fifties was sipping a glass of red. One set of silverware, one dinner order. He was having his dinner while looking straight at his plate, very focused on his food.

Our drinks arrived and the musicians took their place on the scene. I told myself, “You know what? Whatever is happening, let it go for an hour. Just enjoy the music, a great company and the fact that you are here, despite all the things you need to figure out later on.” And the music started. Have you ever had a chance to listen to Latin/Cuban jazz, guys? If you had, you are going to understand me, if not – then put it on a list! For the next hour and a half, I was dancing on my seat, risking to dislocate my spine, laughing and even crying a little over amazing love tunes. Music took over all of my thoughts and worries. I was murmuring the lyrics in unison and was feeling weightless. You know this feeling, right? When you are so happy that it feels like you can fly? Like your body is not heavier than a feather?

That was how his music touched me and that was when it hit me. I am so incredibly lucky! I am able to see things and listen to music, enjoy great food; I have an incredible company to share my life with. The roof above my head is not leaking and my fridge is not empty. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country and such Friday is not a rare treat. What else to wish for? At that moment, I almost physically felt the strength to make all my doubts and anxieties settle. I looked at the single guy’s table. He was sitting with his eyes closed and the right hand extended over the table. It looked like… he was holding someone’s hand, someone’s imaginary. I looked at my husband. He was listening to the music, bobbing his head, with his hand holding mine in the same extended position…


Life is a beautiful gift! Sometimes to understand that we have to take a step back and look at ourselves from a different angle or maybe to compare our worries with the problems of others. Our nervous system is a powerful protective mechanism and we have to take care of it and not to overcharge it when it is unnecessary. Human nature demands more of everything: money, power, pretty things, etc. That is why to stop for a second and appreciate the simple pleasures is the most difficult and yet the most important thing you can do for yourself. To be thankful for clear skies above you, your cat dancing its happy dance every time you come back home, unexpectedly sunny weather when a weather forecast promised a downpour. I guess to set priorities is something that needs to be done rather earlier than later.

Just to conclude the thought, the end of the Memorial Day weekend went great. We hiked to the Mirror lake and had a blast enjoying the views of the Washington state.

Hope you all had a good time over the three days off, recharged your inner batteries and are ready for the summer!

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