Figs And Chocolate-Walnut Candies Or Sweets Can Be Healthy Too

The very first thing sports trainers and dietitians teach their clients who want to lose weight is to cut off sweets, which makes total sense. Nevertheless, not every one of them suggests the alternatives that can actually satisfy the cravings and have some healthy impacts on a person’s look, physical and mental wellbeing.

Candies, chocolate bars and other sweetmeats offered by supermarkets are too far away from being healthful or beneficial. Loaded with sugar and its alternatives, they raise the satisfaction bar too high and make our life full of guilt. We eat them and then blame ourselves, cut the wholefoods intake in half just to fit a chocolate bar in our everyday calories amount or even skip the actual lunch or dinner just to be able to enjoy a candy. This fight never ends and, honestly, is very exhausting, let alone the detrimental effect of sugar on our body and an excruciating feeling of guilt possessing us every time we look at a dessert.

That is why finding alternatives is important not only for keeping weight under control for putting an end to self-blame for being a human and having weaknesses. After all, life is too short to feel guilty or not to treat oneself to something yummy.

Today’s recipe is so simple you are not going to believe it. It requires only three (!) main ingredients and, seriously, I have not yet met a person who would try it and not love it. Because it is sweet! It is chocolaty! It is homemade! The only problem with this recipe is that it is so damn difficult to eat less than three candies at a timeJ

So as I called it healthy, you may wonder how come something covered in chocolate can do good. Well, it is just as simple as that. The ingredients I use to make the candies consist of dried figs first of all.

Figs are sweet but surprisingly less sweet than dates. ¼ cup of dried figs contains 16 percent of daily value for fiber. Figs also contain potassium that is important for heart and digestive system health. They are fulfilling, so it is guaranteed that the daily calorie consumption is lower. Also, an important fact for me is that you can store dried figs for months without them going bad. So the desert I am about to share can be made any time you feel like, not only when figs are in season.

Another ingredient can also be bought and stored in advance. It definitely deserves a few words of praise because walnuts (yep, it is the second main component here) are an essential source of healthy fats so much needed for shiny hair and glowing skin. Just image it: 30 g of raw walnuts contain 113% of omega-3 fatty acids daily value! It is like 2-3 tablespoons in one salad only! Walnuts help to lower the risk of chronic inflammation (which means lower risk of cancer) and insulin level, which is absolutely incredible considering the fact that we talk about the dessert recipe.

The third ingredient I already had a chance to tell you about in one of my previous posts. Chocolate! There are hundreds if not thousands of desserts you can spoil your family with if you make your own chocolate. Sprinkle it, freeze it, load it with nuts, and melt it. You know what you made it of and how good it is. Isn’t it a guilt free way to stay well?

Alright, less talking, more cooking. The main components are highlighted, the others feel free to substitute.


Figs And Chocolate-Walnut Candies


10 dried figs

Cup of raw walnuts

Boiled water

Homemade chocolate:

1 cup of Cacao Butter

1 cup of Organic Cacao Powder

1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

parchment paper


  1. Pour hot water over the dried figs and leave them in for 10 minutes.
  2. While figs soak, make chocolate.
  3. Melt cacao butter on a water-bath fill with water one bigger pot and then place another smaller pot in it. When water in the big pot boils, it heats up the small pot. It will help you to make sure that the butter doesn’t not burn). Watch it closely: the butter should not boil.
  4. When the butter is fully dissolved, turn down the heat, and add cacao powder to the pot with butter. Make sure that it is fully blended with the butter and the mass is smooth and solid.
  5. Turn off the heat and add vanilla, stir it up very well.
  6. Take the chocolate off the stove and let it cool a little.
  7. While the chocolate is getting cooled, take the figs out of water.
  8. At the bottom of a fig make a little whole with your little finger. It should not be too large, just big enough to squeeze a piece of walnut through it into the fig.
  9. Fill up the fig with pieces of nuts.
  10. Repeat the steps with all remaining figs.
  11. Put 2-3 figs into the pot with chocolate and coat them with the chocolate mass. Take the figs out and place them on parchment paper.
  12. Continue until all figs are evenly coated with chocolate.
  13. Place them in the fridge for at least an hour.

P.S. The rest of the chocolate can be poured on parchment paper or foil and stored in the fridge as a chocolate bar.


Tips: * The chocolate, as you may have noticed, is completely sugar free because dried figs are sweet enough by themselves. Also, the chocolate mass needs a little cool-off because when it is hot, it is too watery. When it gets cooler, the mass thickens, so it is much easier to coat the figs and get that nice shiny layer of chocolate stay where it is supposed to.

Try it out! It is impossible not to like these candies and I hope you will enjoy the recipe and its results just as much as my family does. Cheers!

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