Raw Berry Mini Cakes—or “Summer’s Not Over Yet!”

It has been a long time since I wrote a post, but I have an excuse for being busy: fifteen months ago, I gave birth to my favorite human being, daughter Mia. The past fifteen months have been the most amazing and challenging of my life. I tried hard to prioritize things and get back to writing for the blog, but it appears that a day still has just twenty-four hours.

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Yellow Pea Soup with Spicy Croutons, or “Who Said Spring Is Not a Good Time for Comfort Food?”

As it gets warmer in Seattle, I would expect myself to shift from comfort foods to salads and smoothies. Yeah, I would. However, this March was rainy and foggy so I decided to delay the shift until mid-April. I believe that my body knows better what it needs to stay comfortable and reserve energy for the upcoming summer. In truth, I expect this summer to be busy and energy-draining, but I’ll say more about this later.

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Dream Vacation in Oahu or Planning is the Key. Part I

As I just recently came back from vacation from beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, the idea for this blog post was born naturally. I have decided to write it in two parts because of the loads of information I am about to share as well as the amount of pictures I have selected for you to enjoy.

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Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room Or There is Always Something New to Discover

My relationships with coffee were always pretty tight. I started drinking it when I was at school and then continued all the way through university. There is a part of me that truly believes that coffee may have been the reason I was able to navigate between classes and part-time jobs during all five years while working on my degrees. Somewhere around that time, I understood that caffeine had stopped affecting me the way it affected others and my love for coffee continued on the basis of comfort and routine. And sometimes there were weeks when I had a menu consisting of seven to nine cups of coffee a day (I guess such revelations are actually needed to explain why I decided to change my life style and how damn difficult it was). Luckily, those days are long gone and today I enjoy mostly good quality decaffeinated coffee or regular ones a few times a week.

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Top 5 Seattle Attractions or Discovering what Seattle is About

I love when my friends from out of the state come to visit. First of all, it is ‘long time no see’ kind of excitement, a lot of giggling, sharing, food tasting, and walking. Second, and just as much enjoyable, I have a perfect excuse to do things that the locals barely do: visit the city’s most known places! Those who live near the ocean will understand me because, against the common belief, they enjoy ‘beach days’ pretty rarely, just as those who live near forests and national parks barely hike the same trails over and over again. I think it is due to the lack of time, the desire to find new attention-grabbing spots, and the need to avoid crowds. I definitely can add one more reason: getting used to seeing the same thing (even a truly fascinating one) makes its charm faint. So every time I go up the Space Needle is really special because I do it so infrequently.

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Eggplant and Sweet potato Towers with Cashew and Beetroot Sauces

I hope this post is going to find you, guys, healthy and happy. My days have been busy and loaded with writing, taking classes, tests prepping, picture taking, reading and, of course, cooking.

Even though today’s recipe calls for almost the same set of ingredients as the previous one, I decided to post them consecutively to show you how easily you can spoil your families with yummy dishes, having the same vegetables and spices in your fridge.

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Living the Dream or From Seattle with Love

I have been thinking for a while now what to say in my first post about Seattle.  I mean, of course, I have to write how pretty it is, or clean, or modern. But I guess those are just the obvious criteria for each and every city described by its much-dedicated fans. I bet the people of Chicago could easily fight for their city to be the prettiest, or the people of Austin would argue that there is no more modern city than theirs.

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Denver Then and Now

I used to believe that our memories like to play tricks on us. We remember things not as they were or happened but as our brain allows us. It forces out negative, scary or embarrassing feelings leaving us the awareness that something unpleasant happened in the past. As much as I believe this is cheating of some sorts, I still really appreciate this ability. Otherwise, the weight of the things that were done and couldn’t be changed, can press down on us and mess with our present and future.

In 2007, the whole 9 years ago, I did the craziest thing my parents could have ever imagined and signed up for Work & Travel program that basically meant spending three months working in the United States as an international student and then traveling for a month around the country. Read More