Dream Vacation in Oahu or Planning is the Key. Part I

As I just recently came back from vacation from beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, the idea for this blog post was born naturally. I have decided to write it in two parts because of the loads of information I am about to share as well as the amount of pictures I have selected for you to enjoy.

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Denver Then and Now

I used to believe that our memories like to play tricks on us. We remember things not as they were or happened but as our brain allows us. It forces out negative, scary or embarrassing feelings leaving us the awareness that something unpleasant happened in the past. As much as I believe this is cheating of some sorts, I still really appreciate this ability. Otherwise, the weight of the things that were done and couldn’t be changed, can press down on us and mess with our present and future.

In 2007, the whole 9 years ago, I did the craziest thing my parents could have ever imagined and signed up for Work & Travel program that basically meant spending three months working in the United States as an international student and then traveling for a month around the country. Read More