Unknown“Take every risk

Drop every fear”

This prudent quote caught my eye this morning and made me finally ask myself the questions I have been afraid to face for a few years now: What do I do to be heard? How far am I able to proceed following my dreams? Do I do enough?

I know you may say it is too rough of a reflection for a Monday morning. Mondays are tough; as they are, I might need to postpone this kind of revelation till Wednesday or maybe even till Thursday night but, you see, the quote caught me off guard on Monday, so here I was: standing in the kitchen of my downtown Seattle apartment with a cup of freshly brewed latte in one hand and my iPhone in the other staring through my window at the gray skies.

Being struck by those words, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I obviously haven’t been doing enough. However, let me start from the beginning by introducing myself, my fellow reader.

My name is Anna and I am a happy metropolitan of Seattle, WA. I moved to the city a year ago and since then my life has changed its direction from being a tech-in-a-small-city gal to becoming a write-in-a-big-city one. I used to work in software test industry, but my inner urge to write, learn and share stuff (plus an acquired education in journalism) finally took over me. The only thing missing in my life was the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with those who needed a little inspiration themselves. These days I spend time writing creative pieces, reading, trying new lifestyle techniques, and traveling. I take fiction classes and feel the happiest when my stories are being put on paper. The only thing about writing fiction that doesn’t quite make me feel content is that the result of it is not immediate. J.K. Rowling took 7 years to complete her first book of Harry Potter’s  series.

Therefore, this blog is going to be my way to share dreams, ideas, knowledge, and experience with you, guys. Hope you will find something worthy of your attention here. Let’s make this journey fun and creative! Cheers to a great start! Viva La Writing!♥


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