Homemade Chocolate Bar or You Too Can Find Time to Cook

I am asked these questions very often: “Where do you find time for cooking? Do you really enjoy it? Wouldn’t you rather be spending time doing something fun than chopping and baking?” I wish I had a dollar every time I tried to explain that making dishes can be fun and relaxing and that it plays such an important role in my family’s physical and mental health. Check it out yourself!

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Eggplant and Sweet potato Towers with Cashew and Beetroot Sauces

I hope this post is going to find you, guys, healthy and happy. My days have been busy and loaded with writing, taking classes, tests prepping, picture taking, reading and, of course, cooking.

Even though today’s recipe calls for almost the same set of ingredients as the previous one, I decided to post them consecutively to show you how easily you can spoil your families with yummy dishes, having the same vegetables and spices in your fridge.

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5 Pantry Essentials You Should Keep Handy

A long time ago, when I started changing my habits and thinking about the future I was going to have if I continued eating randomly, I needed such a list so badly. I did not know where to start from, where to begin. Putting all found pieces of information together, I finally came up with 5 must-haves for a successful transition from eat-it-all to eat-what-makes-difference diet. Some items from this list will help you to create delicious recipes and/or will improve your skin appearance, hair and nails condition as well as overall wellbeing.

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Appreciation Or Thinking Deeper

Oh boy! Time does fly by fast. Hard to believe it’s been almost … two weeks since the Memorial Day weekend! I hope you all guys had a great three-day break! I had an amazing one! In fact, the long weekend made me think about something very important, something that I do not think about enough. Appreciation.

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Health is not a choice – It is the way of living

I was born in the family of the doctors. Both of my parents, my sister, and her husband went a long way to get their medical degrees and I am … well, I am not one of them. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of blood and that kind of stuff. So these days I learn about health from literature, experience of others and, of course, my own. And this is the hardest part: I have to try everything out on myself. I claim it is the hardest because medicine has hundreds of researches to prove its point and I have to dig through the knowledge buried under the tons of information. What do I mean? Things like how to suppress inflammation in a body or how to heal irritated gums, or increase vitamins intake without actual pills.

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5 Reasons why I decided to start a blog

5 Reasons why you should do it too

  1. Sharpen my writing.

I believe that there is no way to become a good writer without actually spending time writing. “If you want to be a writer, write”, Epictetus said once, and who am I to argue with the Greek philosopher?

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